Why Stem Cells Should Be Part of Your Wellness Journey

Your body has amazing restorative powers. It’s able to heal and revitalize itself in a wide range of situations. Research into medical techniques that support and enhance natural healing — called regenerative medicine — is a particularly exciting field in health care these days. Bone marrow transplants have been performed successfully for decades, and medical science is only now starting to discover the full potential that stem cell therapy may have as we learn more about how to advance healing and wellness. Read on to see how the team at Pineapple Health may be able to help you with stem cell therapy.

Drug-free and low-risk

One of the most attractive things about stem cell therapy is its compatibility with your biology. In some therapies, stem cells are sourced directly from your body, meaning the benefits you derive come without risk of side effects or allergic reactions. Even when stem cells are derived from other sources, they’re biocompatible, free of the properties that often make drug therapy a potential problem. Stem cell therapy works by improving natural healing, not by covering up symptoms.

The building blocks of healing

Stem cells are found throughout your body in several types, but each type has two important characteristics. First, stem cells can make copies of themselves. Second, they can change into other types of cells as needed by the natural repair process. Your stem cells are basically raw materials, like a stack of lumber at a building site waiting to be used as needed.

Extra resources

Just as that new home can only be built if there’s a steady supply of lumber, your body’s natural supply of stem cells limits the rate of healing. After extracted by your doctor, stem cells can be concentrated and then injected into an injured site to help in the healing process. With more raw materials available, healing can progress at a faster rate. It’s thought that many degenerative conditions are due to the speed of decline being faster than the speed of repair. Stem cells have the potential to reverse this equation.

A wide range of treatments

Instead of a therapy with only a few applications, stem cells have enormous potential to aid many types of healing. Stem cell therapy is already used to treat these conditions:

  • Treating chronic joint pain, such as that associated with arthritis
  • Reducing the effects of neuropathy, also known as nerve damage
  • Improving healing time for wounds and other injuries, including post-surgical healing
  • Treatment of brain trauma and spinal cord injuries
  • Accelerating collagen production for skin healing and rejuvenation

Your body works around the clock to maintain your good health. Supplying additional resources in the form of stem cell therapy can promote natural wellness without a reliance on opioids and other harmful drugs. There is simply little downside to stem therapy and potentially much to gain.

To learn more about stem cell therapy and how it can help you get well, call or click to book an appointment with Pineapple Health today.

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