Group Visit FAQ

A group visit is a lab review in a group setting. It is a way for your primary care provider to review your lab and/or test results. There will be up to 10-15 patients in attendance.

Space is limited, please register with the front desk (480) 961-2366.


Where does the Group Visit take place?

It will take place right here, in the patient waiting area/main lobby of Pineapple Health.
See below for the practice information.

Will anyone know about MY lab/testing results?

We will maintain your privacy, we are in full compliance with HIPAA.
We will not discuss your results specifically or any other patients’ results at the group visit. Supplements/suggestions from your provider will be written on the front page or attached to your lab and/or test results, these are specific to your results.

What should I expect from the 2 hour Group Visit?

The first 15-30 minutes of the visit, a medical assistant will be taking your vitals (blood pressure, pulse, weight, height etc.) Following vitals, there will be a 30 minute video on the main topic (e.g. Cardiovascular, Stress Management etc). There will be a 10-15 minute presentation specific to the lab and/or testing results. The last hour will be a Q/A session with Dr. Chan.

What time will the Group Visit take place?

The visits will begin ~5:15pm and will be approximately 2 hours long.

How will I know when to attend the Group Visit sesssion?

After completing your labs and/or testing, we will contact you and let you know when the next group visit will be held. You must register to attend, space is limited.

Why a Group Visit vs. One-on-One Lab Review with the provider?

Dr. Chan wants to make sure patients are thoroughly educated on their lab and/or test results. A standard one-on-one lab review with the provider is around 15 minutes, which limits questions a patient may have about their results. A group visit allows providers to educate patients on their lab and/or testing results and spend more quality time in an extended lab review.

How much is a Group Visit?

We will bill your insurance for a group visit. If you have a copay for an office visit, your standard copay applies. If you do not have insurance OR you have a high deductible plan, you have the option to be charged a flat fee of $50 instead.

With a high deductible plan, if you choose to bill your insurance, your office visit could be higher than the flat fee. Deductible and copay fees apply, based on your insurance plan.
If you are unsure of your insurance benefits please contact your insurance directly (refer to the number on the back of your insurance card).