Why Preventive Care Is Important

Preventative medical care is an important part of your overall health. Seeing your doctor regularly can help you find and treat issues early and even help you avoid becoming sick altogether. Find out more about preventative healthcare with Dr. Kevin Chan at Pineapple Health in Phoenix, AZ.

What is preventative medical care? 
Many serious medical problems people frequently face are preventable with the proper care and foresight. Preventative medical care focuses on ensuring that patients remain healthy and avoid preventable issues and conditions like heart disease and cancer. Routine preventative medical care can help you live a healthy life and ensure that your body and mind remain intact for years to come.

Do I need preventative medical care? 
Seeing your doctor regularly has many benefits. Regular preventative screenings for various types of cancers, heart disease, and diabetes can greatly increase your odds of finding and treating these issues early when treatments work best. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases like these are responsible for 70% of American deaths each year. Preventative medical care in conjunction with eating healthy, exercising regularly, and avoiding known problem-causers like tobacco can help you live a long and complication-free life.

Preventative Healthcare in Phoenix, AZ
Everyone has the opportunity to prevent serious illnesses and diseases and should have checkups with their internist regularly. This will give your doctor the chance to catch and treat often-symptomless conditions such as high blood pressure before they become an issue and begin causing problems in your daily life.

For more information on preventative care, please contact Dr. Kevin Chan at Pineapple Health in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Chan is dedicated to providing the best, most thorough preventative healthcare possible for his patients. Call (480) 961-2366 to schedule your preventative care appointment with Dr. Chan today!

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