The Importance of Managing Your Cholesterol

Managing your cholesterol is an important part of your healthcare. Dr. Kevin Chan at Pineapple Health in Phoenix, AZ, works with patients to provide cholesterol management. By using integrated solutions, you have more treatment options available to you. 

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance your body uses in every cell. It is created in the liver but also comes from things you eat. It is not a bad thing, your body needs it, but when you have too much, it becomes a danger to your health. 

Ways To Manage Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be managed through understanding. Some people have a family history of high cholesterol and it is important you and your doctor both know this. In these cases, the amount of cholesterol your body produces and how it is controlled are affected by your history. Being proactive about your diet and exercise, in many cases, can keep cholesterol under control. Talk to your Phoenix, AZ physician about cholesterol management. 

Why Manage Your Cholesterol

Elevated cholesterol is a major factor in heart disease. Statins can lower cholesterol levels but they do not provide the same benefits to overall health as improvements in diet and exercise.  


Fiber is one of the most important things you can add to your diet. You find it through the things you eat or you can add a fiber supplement. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts are all good things to add to your diet. If you can’t eat enough to get the desired result, then adding a supplement is the next best option. According to the University of Wisconsin School of Integrated Medicine, a study in Scotland found that eating as few as two carrots a day can reduce cholesterol by 10%. 

Other things that can be added to your diet to help with cholesterol management include, cold-water fish, whole grains, olive oil, green and black tea, and red wine. 


Research has shown that cholesterol levels are positively affected by exercise. Both resistance training and aerobic exercise are effective and can be used separately or in combination. Up to 30 minutes 5 times a week is recommended to lower cholesterol levels. More intense exercise 3 days a week is also effective.

Integrated Medicine

Integrated healthcare looks at the entire person, not just one illness or issue. By focusing on total health care and preventive measures, your Phoenix, AZ doctor can help you to help yourself with cholesterol management. By concentrating on preventing disease as well as treatment, you get the best possible results. 

If you are looking for cholesterol management in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Chan of Pineapple Health offers an integrated approach. To make an appointment, call (480) 961-2366.

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