How Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ Can Help Pain Management and Immune Health

Stem cells and the field of regenerative medicine offer a range of potential benefits and revolutionary treatments for conditions as wide-ranging as arthritis and cancer. Though there’s still much to learn about the way stem cells work, typical therapies carry little risk. In some cases, regenerative treatments utilize the stem cells that already exist in your own body, bypassing the ethical questions raised by harvesting these cells from other sources.

Dr. Kevin Chan and the team from Pineapple Health in Phoenix, Arizona choose Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy™ from Russell Health™ to add a regenerative boost to your natural healing system. Effective for both pain management and bolstering your immune system, SCR offers safe, simple treatments with versatile applications.

The nature of stem cells

Your body has two general types of cells. Differentiated cells make up most of your mass. These are cells that have a specific function, such as skin, bone, or blood cells. Stem cells are the other type, called undifferentiated cells. They serve as the raw materials for the needs of your body, to heal or maintain itself. Stem cells convert into differentiated cells with instructions delivered through your body’s genetic code and unique chemistry. Human growth factors are part of this messenger system.

The limits of blood delivery

While your body has remarkable repair and regeneration powers, sometimes it can’t keep up, because the raw materials needed can be limited. Just as you’d need a certain amount of wood to build a fence, your body needs an adequate supply of healing components to repair itself.

Stem cells exist throughout your body, waiting for a time when they’re needed to help you heal. They’ll stay dormant until signaled into action, when they’re “recruited” by your body into the repair process. There are restrictions, however, imposed by how quickly your body can supply the components that spur stem cells into action. Your bloodstream limits the supply and delivery of these nutrients.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy seeks to boost the efficiency of the natural healing process by delivering more of the blood factors that enable stem cell recruitment. Based on ethically sourced human amniotic fluid, Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy delivers a nutritionally rich boost to your regenerative resources. There are no stem cells delivered through treatment. Rather, the growth factors and hyaluronic acid present in the amniotic fluid supplement the quantities naturally delivered through your blood.

Treatment targets

While regenerative stem cell enhancements haven’t yet reached the point where they can completely reverse the damage caused by diseases such as arthritis, many patients find significant relief from pain associated with degenerative diseases. Since Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy uses no medications, it can reduce or eliminate the dangers presented by corticosteroids or opioid pain relievers. Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy helps to treat pain associated with arthritis and tissue tears in your:

  • Elbows
  • Spine
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Hands, wrists, feet, and ankles
  • Shoulders

This is just the beginning of the potential benefits of Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy, which may also help when treating autoimmune system diseases. The field of regenerative medicine expands daily, spurred on by both its safety and potential.

Find out more about Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy and its potential to reduce your pain and improve your health by calling Pineapple Health at 480-531-6001 or by scheduling an appointment online today.

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