How A Primary Physician Can Help You With Pain Management

If you struggle with chronic pain or pain after an injury, it can be difficult to figure out pain management on your own. Your primary care physician can help work with you to find the best forms of pain management for your lifestyle. Dr. Kevin Chan at Pineapple Health in Phoenix, AZ, can help you find the pain management treatments that will work best for you!

Managing Your Pain

Integrative medicine is all about focusing on all aspects of your life to find the best forms of treatment instead of focusing on just one cause. Your integrative primary care physician in Phoenix, AZ, uses integrative medicine to help with pain management. They will be able to look at your life as a whole to determine what factors could be increasing your pain and help you address certain issues instead of just treating symptoms.

Your primary care physician will ask you questions about your daily life. This may include questions about your diet, exercise schedule, or the environments you find yourself in. Addressing all of these factors can help them suggest adjustments to your life that can help you in managing your pain. This may include diet changes or adding certain exercises and stretches that can help build up muscle and reduce your pain.

Your doctor will also be able to look at your life and body as a whole and help you determine the root issue of your pain instead of just addressing certain symptoms that may be prevalent. This is helpful for people that deal with chronic pain and struggle with finding relief.

Contact Your Integrative Primary Care Physician Today!

If you struggle to find relief to your pain, it may be time to look at another solution. Dr. Kevin Chan at Pineapple Health in Phoenix, AZ, can help you understand how integrative medicine can help with pain management. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (480) 961-2366.

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