Helping You Manage Your Pain

Chronic or recurring pain is one of the most common reasons patients schedule appointments to see their doctors. If you experience an injury that leads to severe pain or suffers from pain due to a diagnosed medical condition, you may need professional help with pain management. Phoenix, AZ, patients can receive comprehensive care from Dr. Kevin Chan at Pineapple Health.

Pain Medication Isn’t Your Only Option

In some cases, prescription pain medication is necessary. It can help you with short-term pain when recovering from surgery or healing from an accident. Chronic or recurring pain caused by an underlying medical issue may also require medication to provide fast and lasting relief.

The good news is that most patients can experience significant pain relief without relying on medication exclusively, if at all. There are now many other types of pain treatment that provide lasting and effective results for a variety of pain conditions.

Physical Therapy to Relieve Pain

Many injuries, wounds, and medical conditions respond well to therapies that involve a direct application to the skin or manipulation of the body. We’re talking about simple treatments like the application of a heating pad or cold packs. Massage and exercises that gently target select body parts may work as well.

There are also some newer therapies available, including hydrotherapy. Working with a doctor is the only way to determine the best therapies for your unique pain management needs in Phoenix, AZ. Rest assured, you now have more options than you may realize.

Holistic Approaches to Pain Management

What if you could control your pain through deep breathing or guided meditation? It may seem like wishful thinking, but in some cases, mental therapies bring significant relief when practiced over time. You may also consider lifestyle changes that could reduce your pain load in real-time.

Perhaps changing how you sit when working or how often you get up and move throughout the day could make a difference. Even the way you position yourself for sleep may have an impact on your pain level. Lifestyle changes aren’t always effective for everyone. It depends on the root cause of your pain and the lifestyle you’re already living.

Help for Pain Relief is Available

If you’re struggling with chronic or recurring pain, now is the time to address the issue with a pain management professional in Phoenix, AZ. Call (480) 961-2366 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chan at Pineapple Health. We’re ready to discuss your pain and create a personalized treatment plan that caters to immediate and long-term pain relief.

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