Benefits of Seeing an Allergy Specialist

Allergies can be quite a nuisance and hold you back from doing what you love. However, at Pineapple Health, serving Phoenix, AZ, and the nearby region, our goal is to help you get back to living life normally. So why should you see our Dr. Kevin Chan for allergies? We have some answers.

Can Do What You Love

If you love dogs but can’t have one due to allergies, we can change that. If you enjoy going outside all year long but succumb to your allergies each summer and spend that time indoors, we can help. 

Ultimately, by better managing your allergies, you can resume doing what you love without any restrictions. 

Can Help You Live a Happier Life

When an allergy attack comes on, it can stop you dead in your tracks, as you’re sneezing and rubbing your eyes. You may spend a great deal of time inside to avoid allergens. On the other hand, you may take a medication that makes you drowsy, which is no fun. And let’s say your allergies hit you when you’re at work. It might be hard to function and complete what you need to. The same applies when you’re home. 

Can Become Less Reliant on Medications

Don’t get us wrong, our Phoenix, AZ, doctor can prescribe you medications to help combat your allergies, but we offer care beyond that. For instance, we offer allergy immunotherapy, which builds your body’s tolerance to an allergen gradually. As a result, you can eventually come in contact with that substance with little to no problems. 

Learn Your Allergens to Prevent Problems

Let’s say you have an outdoor allergy. There are so many possibilities that you could be allergic to, you may not be known which one is the problem. In this case, our practitioner can provide you with allergy testing to identify the culprit. Then, once we know your allergen, we can help you learn to avoid it or provide you with a different course of action to combat the symptoms. 

When it comes to avoidance, certain allergens aren’t as easy to identify because they’re in a lot of foods people purchase on a regular basis. For instance, let’s say you’re allergic to soy. Our allergy specialist can go over the foods you’ll need to avoid that have soy in them. 

Pineapple Health, serving Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding vicinity, has Dr. Chan who is an allergy specialist. We can then find a course of treatment for you so you can do whatever it is you enjoy that your allergies are holding you back from. 

If you have allergies, schedule an appointment at our office today by calling (480) 961-2366.

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