Patient Testimonials

"The staff at Foothills Family Medicine has been very kind. I have had a very difficult year with my job and loss of a family member, and they have always been able to get me in for appointments. I also have two children and the doctors here have been great with them as well. I have lived in the Valley for six years and I am so happy to have finally found doctors that really care and listen to your problems. Thank you Jennifer and Dr. Chan."
- T.H.


"I have found Dr. Chan’s service to be first rate in all aspects of care. Never has he not taken the time to listen to any of my questions and has always resolved any issues. His staff is thorough, attentive, and very comfortable to interact with. I would strongly recommend Dr. Chan to any friends and family."
- L.H.


"Dr. Chan has been my family doctor for four years. I moved from Hawaii and I had worries about finding a good doctor. I am happy and blessed to have found Dr. Chan. He is an exceptional doctor that listens and explains things which I can comprehend."
- A.V.


"Dr. Chan approach to treating his patients is the best I have ever experienced. He treats his patients as people, not just their illnesses. Probably the best patient-doctor relationship I have ever had."
- C.F.


"Always polite and attentive, ask questions and listen, actually like going to doctor’s office."
- J.W.


"Getting ready to come to the doctor’s office this morning. I was actually excited. Excited to go to the doctor’s office! Can you believe it?! Dr. Chan and his staff make their patients feel so welcomed and appreciated, that it’s a pleasure to go there. Not only do they take care of any problems I may have, they actually hear me when I talk about them. I am truly so grateful to have found Dr. Chan and his staff and plan on coming here for years to come."
- J.B.


"Having Dr. Chan as my physician has made a profound difference in my life. He is a broad minded physician who combines western and holistic medicine, integrating progressive thinking with old fashioned patient care. Dr. Chan doesn’t just place a “Band-Aid” on my problem. He educates me and provides the best treatment not only for the problem at hand but for my entire well being. The staff at Foothills Family Medicine is professional, efficient and friendly, and always make me feel at ease. I really can’t thank Dr. Chan and his staff enough for their genuine passion and concern for my health and overall well-being, and for having such a positive effect in my life."
- C.P.


"I am so thankful to have discovered Dr. Chan. The office staff are all great and my appointments are prompt. Dr. Chan has managed to help me feel like a normal woman again, and I so appreciate his approach to the aging process."
- L.L.


"Dr. Chan has been my physician since 2006. He always treat me with care on my diabetes not only with medication, but also with education about exercise, weight control, and continuous blood testing to measure the glucose level and better management of my diabetes. He also made my physical exams and referrals very promptly. I trust Dr. Chan with my health needs. Thanks."
- J.M.


"There is a lot more to HRT that I ever thought of. Dr. Chan has an extraordinary understanding and explains thoroughly the entire process with wisdom and patience. Thank you Foothills Family Medicine for treating my family as people and not numbers."
- V.R.


"Foothills Family Medicine is great! We have been coming here for 6 years, even though we have moved to Verrado in Buckeye. It is worth the drive. The staff is great and caring, and they make all my children feel comfortable. I would highly recommend them!"
- S.B.


"I have been with Foothills Family Medicine since 1996. Since then, there have been many doctors passing through the practice. Of all of them, Dr. Chan was the first one to treat me like a person, not a number. He listens to my medical concerns, giving me the respect to share the issues without interrupting me. He then offers suggestions that are, for most doctors, outside of the box. He recommends both natural and drug-related options. But what has made me a life long patient of Dr. Chan’s is he practices the idea that doctors can treat the cause, not just fix the symptoms."
- A.D.


"Dr. Chan has been my primary care physician for several years. He is a rare gem in the East Valley. He always takes a system approach to my healthcare needs. He listens and gives advice and is passionate about prevention and health improvement. I appreciate his attentive approach as a physician. He has high standards for his patients and that comes through his bedside manner. He has a genuine concern for his patients and does not treat the symptoms or complaints as isolated problems. He treats the body as every physician should, a system of integrated parts. Dr. Chan has a penchant for proactive quality care and it is a privilege to be under his care."
- B.E.


"I have finally found a doctor who did more than prescribing medications. Dr. Chan took the time to ask questions about me and I have never felt better."
- T.M.


"When I walk into Foothills Family Medicine, I'm, we, are greeted promptly with a "Hello" and smiles by staff members, which tells me that this is a happy place. We are impressed with Dr. Chan's knowledge in areas of wellness and our personal hormone therapy."
- B.W. & D.W.


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