Hormone Managment and Therapy

Hormone Management & the Benefits of Therapy

When our hormones are in perfect balance, we feel great. Unfortunately, a hormone imbalance can throw everything out of whack. It can make you moody, anxious, and even depressed. You may lose hair, gain weight, or feel exhausted all the time. When a patient comes into our practice complaining of these symptoms one of the first things we look at is their hormone levels. If hormones are off, we can help restore balance through EvexiPEL, a more integrative and functional approach to hormone replacement therapy.

What is EvexiPEL?

EvexiPEL is a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and hormone optimizer. We choose this form of HRT for our patients because it utilizes bioidentical hormones crafted from plant substances rather than utilizing synthetic hormones. As you might imagine, synthetic hormones also carry with them a variety of side effects and may even increase your risk for certain health problems such as heart disease.

However, BHRT such as EvexiPEL derived from plants avoids these unpleasant side effects and potential health risks. Since these bioidentical hormones are made from plant substances this means that the body metabolizes them in the same way as your own natural hormones.

Here at Pineapple Health, our integrative medicine team understands that finding the right hormone therapy takes time and that what may work from one person may not work for everyone. Balancing hormones requires different solutions for different people, and Dr. Chan, Dr. Housh, and their entire team are dedicated to determining the cause of your hormone imbalances and how to correct them using safe and more natural solutions.

Should you consider EvexiPEL?

EvexiPEL is a leader in hormone replacement therapy for a reason. Instead of taking pills or using creams, our doctors will insert this small pellet under the skin so that the body can immediately start to absorb the hormones for more instant relief. The pellet itself is coated with trace amounts of steroids to reduce inflammation that may occur during the insertion process and to reduce the amount of scar tissue that can develop from multiple insertions over the years. The pellet lasts about 3-5 months for women and between 5-6 months for men.

If you are looking for natural hormone therapy options here in Phoenix, AZ, then turn to the integrative medicine team at Pineapple Health for the answers you’re looking for. Call us at (480) 961-2366 to schedule an evaluation.

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