Want Full Brows Without Makeup? Try Microblading

What if you could wake up every day and have perfect brows? No makeup, no work, no penciling them in. It’s possible with microneedling. This innovative eyebrow trend has taken over and with good reason. 

Our talented staff at PerfectSK Medical Laser Center, under the direction of Cristina R. Aseron, MD, can help you achieve beautiful natural-looking brows. 

So stop penciling and start learning about microblading. 

What is microblading? 

Microblading is a cosmetic process that improves the look of your eyebrows by making them look fuller and more uniform. At PerfectSK Medical Laser Center, we make hundreds of tiny cuts into your skin and implant pigment to achieve the look you want. 

Who should consider microblading? 

If you want fuller, natural-looking brows without the hassle of filling them in every morning, then microblading is for you. If your brows benefit from an eyebrow pencil, then you can get positive results from microblading. 

Anyone who is pregnant or has a conflicting medical condition should not have the process done. 

How long does it last?

Most of our clients who have microblading need one follow-up appointment after their initial procedure. After that, you can expect the results to last one to three years. How long microblading lasts for you depends on how you care for your new brows. 

The microblading process 

When you arrive for your microblading appointment, we sanitize and numb your brow area. Then we discuss with you how you would like your brows to look, including thickness and shape. 

You can bring in pictures of what you like, but the pictures are just a guide. For a truly natural look, we follow the natural shape of your brows. We look at the symmetry of your face and consider your age and your personal style. 

You also decide on the pigment of the ink. If the pigment is too dark, your eyebrows will look harsh. If it is too light, you won’t get the filling effect you want. We recommend a color based on your natural brow color and underlying skin tone. 

With the shape and color plan in mind, we move on to the actual microblading. We use a special pen to create the micro-cuts. This part of the process can take 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the eyebrow area that we need to microblade. 


Following the microblading, you need to follow a few rules to ensure proper healing and lasting results.

Schedule your microblading session

Are you tired of filling in your eyebrows every morning and hoping they last until the evening? Then it’s time to consider a more permanent option. In less than an hour, you can have beautiful brows that last a year or more. At PerfectSK Medical Laser Center, we can help you achieve your dream brows. Schedule your microblading consultation today. 

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