Take Years Off Your Face with Beautifilll®

As you get older, your body changes the way it stores fat. It’s subdermal fat on the face that gives you that young, vital look in your teens and twenties; yet over time, you lose volume there, only to add it in other spots where you don’t want it. 

Liposuction was originally made for those trouble spots, a one-way ticket to the exit for fat cells. Later, fat grafting techniques were developed to use these cells to reshape your body, but conventional liposuction wasn’t designed for fat grafting, so cell viability after harvest was low. 

Dr. Kevin Chan and the team at Pineapple Health are believers in the BeautiFill® autologous fat transfer system, a laser-assisted device that improves upon traditional liposuction, providing healthy, viable fat cells for grafting throughout your body. This is a revolutionary treatment that takes years off the appearance of your face. 

Loss of facial volume

Each of the three layers of your skin changes with time. The epidermis thins and dries out as the middle, dermis layer loses moisture, nutrients, and elasticity along with some of its collagen volume. The bottom layer, home to subdermal fat stores, also thins, and your skin loses the physical boost of what was once called “baby fat.” 

The end result is that your increasingly lax skin begins to sag and wrinkle, in part because of the accumulated volume loss. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking fat from a problem spot on your body to build contours in another location, you’re on the same track as the developers of BeautiFill. 

The problem with liposuction

Conventional liposuction often liquifies fat cells during the process. That’s not a problem if you’re simply removing fat to improve your body contours. You see results as long as the cells are gone. 

However, fat cells can also provide additive contouring — if they survive the harvest and transplant process. Liquified fat cells aren’t viable, and your body will simply flush those away. However, surviving cells can be used for reconstructive surgery or for cosmetic procedures like the Brazilian butt lift, as long as there’s a safe way to harvest fat cells. 

The BeautiFill advantage

BeautiFill uses a Food and Drug Administration-approved laser system that gently loosens fat cells without liquifying. These cells are harvested from spots on your body where you have extra fat stores, and they can be relocated on your body where you benefit from additional subdermal volume.

BeautiFill is an autologous process, meaning that you’re harvesting cells from your own body to use in your own body, so you’ve got perfect biocompatibility. You won’t have an allergic response to transplanted cells. 

The gentle laser energy used by BeautiFill minimizes bleeding, and damage to skin in the harvest area is minimal, so your recovery time is faster than with conventional liposuction. 

BeautiFill fat grafting is adaptable to your needs, adding volume to places on your face that benefit the most. Every patient has different requirements, so call Pineapple Health at 480-531-6001 today to arrange your personal consultation, or schedule online, and put your best face forward in the new year.

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