What is Integrative Medicine?
By Pineapple Health
July 31, 2018

Could you benefit from integrative medicine? Although traditional medicine concentrates solely on treating symptoms, integrative medicine integrative medicineis patient-centered and considers the many factors that affect your health. Dr. Kevin Chan uses integrative medicine techniques to help his Phoenix, AZ, patients improve their health and manage chronic conditions.

Integrative medicine considers the whole person

Doctors who practice integrative medicine consider physical symptoms along with lifestyle, emotional, environmental and social influences when diagnosing and treating illnesses, diseases, and conditions. Your Phoenix doctor works with you to identify the source of your symptoms and identify treatments that will not only ease your symptoms but prevent them from recurring, if possible.

Integrative medicine doctors don't just use medications and traditional treatment methods. They understand that alternative medicine can also be effective in relieving stress and treating many chronic and acute conditions. Depending on your illness or condition, your treatment plan may include conventional treatment, alternative treatment or a mixture of both types of treatments.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Have you become accustomed to 10-minute appointments with doctors who seem to barely listen to your symptoms? You'll be pleasantly surprised when you arrive for your appointment with your new doctor. Integrative medicine physicians don't rush through appointments and spend time getting to know you. In addition to reviewing your medical history, chronic conditions, and current symptoms, your doctor will ask questions about your family life, job, hobbies and stress level. He'll help you understand the cause of your illness and condition and explain how you can make changes in your life that will reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

You are an active participant in your care. Your doctor wants to hear your questions and concerns, along with ideas about ways you can improve your health. In fact, your beliefs and opinions are always treated with respect and never dismissed. Establishing a productive, positive relationship with your physician is the key to optimizing your health and managing chronic conditions.

Integrative medicine can help you take charge of your health. Call Dr. Kevin Chan of Pineapple Health in Phoenix, AZ, office at (480) 961-2366 to schedule your appointment.



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