Female Sexual Rejuvenation Has Never Been Easier, Thanks to Geneveve Radio Frequency Treatment

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Two life changes for women also result in bodily transitions that can impact sexual intimacy. Your body has changed if you’ve experienced childbirth. Your vaginal muscles may be weaker, meaning that you might not able to experience the degree of friction during intercourse that you did before you had children. With less friction, you likely have diminished sensation during intimacy.

If you’re in menopause, your body goes through another set of changes. You lose a great deal of estrogen during menopause, and without estrogen, your vaginal tissue can become thinner and drier. Intercourse can become painful without lubricants — and even with them.

Has one of these changes lowered your sexual intimacy level to the point where it’s more chore than enjoyment? Studies indicate that greater sexual satisfaction results in greater relationship satisfaction. You’re no doubt seeking answers for your dilemma.

Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation

Geneveve™ is a new noninvasive, nonsurgical female sexual rejuvenation treatment. It’s part of a patented system that uses radiofrequency energy with a special contact cooling feature to tighten and rejuvenate vaginal tissue. And it all happens during an in-office procedure. It’s a revolutionary change in women’s gynecological health, and some call it “women’s Viagra.”

What happens during a Geneveve application? Your doctor uses a handheld device that directs brief pulses of radiofrequency energy to your vaginal tissue. You don’t need any numbing medication because the procedure isn’t painful. You’ll actually feel a cooling sensation in addition to warmth because the system has a built-in cooling system to ensure you receive just the right amount of radiofrequency energy and heat.

Radiofrequency energy is found in Wi-Fi, your cellphone, and your microwave. But the radiofrequency energy used in the Geneveve procedure is different; it’s new technology designed for this new purpose. The FDA has cleared Geneveve for sexual rejuvenation.

When you experience results

The radiofrequency technology and cooling system combine to stimulate the production of collagen, the protein that makes your skin tissue soft and supple. As new skin cells with fresh collagen develop, your vaginal walls are rejuvenated. The process takes 3-6 months as old skin cells disintegrate and new ones form.


A Geneveve procedure takes only 30 minutes, meaning you can do it over your lunch hour and then immediately resume your daily activities afterward.

Physical and emotional benefits

Treatment with Geneveve has many benefits important to your physical and emotional well-being.

Thanks to science and technology, this is not science fiction but an advance that can enhance your life experience and your relationship with your partner.


Any medical procedure must go through extensive testing before it ever reaches the market. The first clinical trial showed that patients experienced increased arousal, lubrication, and orgasm versus a “placebo” treatment. Of course, this procedure should only be carried out by a board-certified physician trained in its use. Pineapple Health physicians are qualified to perform this new advance in women’s health.

Call or book an appointment online with Pineapple Health to enhance your sexual health and live life to the fullest.

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