About Our Patients

Instead of writing about "us", we have elected to write about "our patients." Hopefully, this can better help you decide whether you would like to join our chaNpions family.

In general, our patients prefer a more integrative holistic approach to medical care, often complementing conventional medical treatments.

Our patients often desire to treat the underlying causes of their illnesses over simply controlling symptoms with chronic medications.

Our patients understand the concept that absence of illness does not necessarily equate optimal health.

Our patients are aware that our ailing healthcare system is inefficient in the delivery of its services, focusing primarily on disease management rather than health promotion, sick care rather than well care.

Our patients know that healthcare is not truly free; they realize the benefits of investing in their health and do not assume that someone else or other entities will pay for all of their healthcare needs when they become ill.

Our patients perceive that optimal healthcare is a partnership with their providers, meaning they also have to play a significant part in their overall healthcare.

Our patients are eager for a more personalized and proactive approach to their health that focuses on prevention and wellness.

Our patients join our family because of who we are and what we do more than mere convenience and acceptance of their insurance plans.

Even though integrative holistic medicine can be costly, our patients understand and appreciate that Dr. Chan and his staff are doing their best to provide quality holistic family healthcare in a cost-effective manner within a conventional insurance-based paradigm.

Simply stated, our patients are winners, they are CHAMPIONS!

*If you disagree with the above statements and/or have the following beliefs:

1. Health is simply an absence of disease.

2. Insurance and doctors should be responsible for ALL of my healthcare.

3. I should not be held accountable for my own health.

4. Health is an expense rather than an investment.

5. Health is entitled rather than earned.

6. I have a victim mentality rather than a winner attitude.

7. I believe I should see a doctor only when I am sick versus not to get sick.

8. I prefer common ordinary mediocre standard minimal care versus optimal integrative healthcare.

Then our practice may not be right for you.

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From left to right: Dr. Kevin Chan, Office Manager Josephine Cheung; Medical Assistants Alejandra Botello, Nicole Lamoureaux, Annie Richardson, Karen Rodrieguez, (Front) Rosa Duran, Katie Salluzzo, Cynthia Lopez, and Jessica Daniel.

Josephine Cheung
Office Manager

Annie Richardson 
Assistant Office Manager and Medical Assistant

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